Sandwich Deluxe - (Lunch - Day 4)

Friday, April 16, 2010

As I have said my week has been rough. I think I chose the worst week ever to start this little challenge. Anyway, my sister came by and asked me to go shopping. As I was bolting out the door I casually told my husband to fix lunch. Famous last words.

I came home to my wonderful husband frying up a whole pan of bacon. Bacon is a staple in this house. Bacon is always in the refrigerator. Bacon is one of the main things I was trying to eliminate with this little challenge. Before I could say anything he quickly stated that he couldn't find the menu, but he saw the bacon and thought bacon sandwiches would be fine. Not just any bacon sandwiches , but bacon and ham sandwiches using my delicious ham leftover from Tuesday's lunch. So, I let him continue, mainly because I was so grateful that for the first time in a week I wasn't the one cooking. In his defense, he did add lettuce and tomato to it and made a beautiful fruit salad to go with it. It could have been worse, we normally have it with greasy potato chips and some kind of dip. See, baby steps...


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