Reflections - Day 3

Friday, April 16, 2010

Today was a good day. Maybe it's because my husband came home and I felt a little sanity return. It was one of those days that made me rethink this whole idea. I was tired, it was late, we had softball, I have a birthday party to plan, etc. I was really wishing I had some corn dogs to heat in the microwave for dinner and just be done with it. However, I didn't and I stuck with my plan. Chicken sandwiches by far were not the healthiest alternative for my family. Barbecue sauce is not one of the main food groups. I went with all natural sauce because everything else has HFCS. (If you don't know about HFCS you can read this article). You can make your own sauce, though. Who knew? Not me. I will next time though. I eat barbecue sauce with everything. I'm not a ketchup kind of girl. But now it's late and I am putting an end to this very long day. Until next time.

*** In case you noticed that this post was posted on Friday it's because I was so tired that I forgot to publish this post. Did you really expect anything less?


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