Hamburgers and Fries - (Dinner - Day 7)

Monday, April 19, 2010

My husband was home for dinner tonight which is always a treat. It means I don't have to cook and it's most likely going to be something on a grill. I love grilled food. Unfortunately, it also means I get to update my blog while dinner's being cooked and miss my photo op. You know what a hamburger looks like, so I don't think we really need visual effects anyway.

We made home fries to go with the hamburger. And, well, whether they're out of the frozen food section or you peel them yourself (or have your 14 year old do it, in my case) any time you dump something into a hot vat of oil, it's pretty much lost any nutritional value. But, I did cut back on the amount of fries each kid could have. Baby steps, remember.

At home 1/4 lb Burger vs McDonald's Quarter Pounder

At home Burger
Nutritional Information: Calories - 470 Fat: 27 g

Nutritional Information: Calories - 510 Fat: 26 g

The ingredients are pretty much the same but I must point out that McDonald's quarter pounder has 1.5 g of trans fat which is extremely unhealthy for you.

** at home burger info found at**


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