Ham and Cheese Cubes (Lunch - Day 1)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What can you say about the simplicity of ham and cheese cubes? Cutting out the bread from a ham and cheese sandwich can reap great benefits. I used a pre-cooked small store bought ham, but cooking your own could be a cheaper and even healthier alternative. I used Snyder's veggie pretzels versus crackers because they seemed to be the healthier alternative, but I'm not a nutritionist, it just seemed like they were to me.
Key points:
- cube your own cheese, the cheese that is pre-packaged is more expensive and doesn't really mesh with the whole nothing in packages theme we're working with.

- Do not use deli meat. Not only are the nitrates, sodium content and other things bad for you - but (say it with me) it's pre-packaged. The very thing we are trying to avoid.

This lunch took literally 5 minutes to prepare.
Also, if you do not watch your children and are playing on facebook while they eat this lunch lends itself to some great interpretations.


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