Thirty Day Challenge Begins

Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's been one year ago that I started this blog and issued myself a thirty day challenge to wean my family off of processed foods in thirty days. Well, what can I say, life happened and... we lasted about 20 days. BUT, I am not a quitter so...


I am challenging myself, and any others who wish to join me, in eating out less and cooking with less "convenience foods". There were many things that tripped me up last year that I hope not to repeat again.

The first thing was I put too much pressure on myself. I beat myself up mercilessly (and drowned my sorrows in pre-packaged ice cream) anytime that I wanted to eat out or used something that *gasp* came out of a can.

I also didn't have a very good game plan. I tried to fly by the seat of my pants after a while and that is really not possible. PLANNING IS THE KEY. When there is no plan, that's when things fall apart and you reach for the tortilla chips and the block of Velveeta and call it dinner.

I will be posting my recipes, my shopping lists, my meal planning charts, and any other little tid bits of helpful information I gather along the way.

And sometimes, I will also be posting things like this:

Well, just because I think it's funny and it's my blog. Happy April's Fools Day!


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