Laundry's Super Hero

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Laundry soap has to be one of the most overpriced household items on the planet. Well, next to toilet paper.

Do you know how much toilet paper a household of 8 can go through? It seriously borders on ridiculous. Anyway, I digress.

We use A LOT of laundry soap in this house. I have been content to use the cheapest laundry soap possible, stain remover, fabric softener, dryer sheets, etc, but I thought that there must be a better way. So, we started off small. While baking one day I noticed the baking soda container said to use baking soda in your wash to get you clothes cleaner. I sing the praises for the many uses of baking soda. It cleans things like no one's business, but I never thought to throw it in with my laundry. I bought a 14 lb bag and set out to see what this miracle cleaner could do for my laundry.

The first few times I used it, the only thing I changed from my normal routine was throwing a cupful in with the wash. I was amazed at the results. My clothes were so soft and smelled so clean. So, after a few times I braved changing up the routine and nixed the liquid fabric softener step. The laundry still came out nice and fresh and soft. Then, I thought, hmmm... wonder what it will do on stains. Well, a little vinegar-baking soda- toothbrush action later and most of the stains I tried it on came out. Mustard is permanently embedded in my brand new white shirt, but we don't need to discuss that. It just makes me sad.

Since I was on such a roll, I decided to cut back the amount of laundry soap I was using, and lo and behold, my clothes were still clean and fresh and I cut my soap usage in half. That, my friends, was cause for a victory dance the likes of which this world has never seen. Angels rejoiced... well, okay, maybe not, but it was a very exciting discovery. I haven't completely got out of the laundry soap box but homemade laundry soap is definitely in my near future.

I'm (we're) Back

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Through a series of cosmic events I had to let the Out of the Box challenge and blog go for a while. I am happy to say that we made it 20 days through the challenge before we had to forgo it. However, it made some definite changes in our lives and I'm glad that we stuck with it for as long as we did.
And, even though the 30 days has long been over I have gotten emails from people who actually read the blog curious as to if I'm going to start it up again. Well, I am and I ain't. How's that for straightforward? I have coerced a group of friends (who I dearly love and who are obviously very gullible and/or easily persuaded) to help with the blog. So, this will no longer be a one man show. It will be a collaboration of moms who have one thing in common (except for the fact that they all are blessed to know me) - we want what's best for our family's health, diet, finances, spirituality, and everything in between.
It's a diverse groups of ladies from all over the country (thanks Lois for moving out of state so I could say that). We range in age from mid-twenties - (gasp) forties, have children that range from toddlers to teens, home schooled to public schooled, brunette to blonde, crazy to well, we're all a little crazy, but you get the point. I am SO looking forward to sharing this experience with the ladies and with the two of you out there who actually read this thing ;-).
Check back often to see what we have to say, because, well, that's another thing we have in common. We all have A LOT to say.


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