Reflections - Day 2

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

This little experiment has proven to be harder than I thought. The recipes are simple enough, it's the things that I didn't think I would miss. I snuck to the store and bought a soda (shhh... it's our little secret). It was that or down the cooking sherry.

This house was in chaos today.

It's in chaos everyday, but today was a chaotic exception.

I should have known how the day would go when I failed to wake up in order to make breakfast and the kiddos helped themselves to Honey Nut Cheerios. Rather than beat myself up I'm glad that I had a semi-healthy alternative for them to choose from. The rest of the day challenge-wise was great.

The Buffalo Chicken Wraps were "off the chain", by that I mean they were delicious. The spaghetti took a while to make but I think if I go with canned tomatoes next time it will be much better. I know, it's not container-free but not all foods that come from a can are horrible. And sometimes, let's face it, if it's sanity versus convenience I'm choosing convenience (in moderation).

I for one am looking forward to tomorrow and all it's yummy goodness.


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