Fruit, again... and how I feel about Ding Dongs (Breakfast, Day 10)

Friday, April 23, 2010


That was the menu for this morning. I had planned breakfast tacos, but a sudden upset in my family kept me up all night and my kiddos ended up with cantaloupe. This being their absolutely favorite fruit on God's green earth didn't hurt matters. I heard no complaints, especially when the older girls ask if they could mix in some strawberries with it.

Not having done the breakfast tacos I feel that I have let the two of you who actually read this blog down. However, after beating myself up over it, I realized that the cantaloupe symbolizes my effort. Having a very large family means that things go wrong at a moment's notice. You could have everything planned to perfection and your kiddos will be sure and take care of that for you. Then you're up all night with a sick kid and your thinking standing and cooking eggs is almost as appealing as having your eyebrows threaded (that's a story for another day) and you look for an alternative. Well, lo and behold, the only alternative around is healthy snacks, fruit, and yogurt whereas two weeks ago the alternative was powdered donuts or pop tarts.

By the way, can I digress? Thanks, I was going to anyway because, well, it's my blog.

I do not for the life of me understand the parents with obese children who go on Oprah and lament about their children's weight. Then you see 6 year old 500 pound Sally Sue shoveling ding dongs in her mouth for breakfast and I know you must be thinking what I'm thinking. Little Sally Sue didn't buy those ding dongs, you ding dong. Just don't buy the ding dongs. How hard is that? Anyway, as I said, I digress...

So we ended up with fruit, again, and I am okay with that. Oh, and I should state for the record that I have nothing against ding dongs (of the cake variety)


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